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Our Product Guide

Below is a list of some of our products.


Baracuda Steaks

Baracuda 500-1000 (Large)

Baracuda Smoked Rings

Catfish 3-500 (Small)

Catfish 5-800 (Medium)

Catfish 800+ (Large)

Catfish Steaks

Cooked Prawns(20x400g)

CPTO Prawns(Box)

CPTO (Single)

Crabs (16/20)

Crabs Each

Croaker 3-500 (Small)

Croaker 5-800

Croaker Steaks

Gutted Snappers 3p (3kg)

Hake (10kg)

Horse Mackerel (10kg)

Horse Mackerel (20kg)

Indian Mackerel

King Fisher Steaks

Mackerel 3/500 (20kg)

Mackerel 4/600 (10kg)

Mackerel 4/600 (20kg)

Salt Fish (Makayabu) (4kg)

Salt Fish (Makayabu) (8kg)

Salt Fish (Makayabu) (9kg)

Salt Fish (Makayabu) (20kg)

Mboto (1 PCS)


Mixed Seafood

Pangash Fillet (10kg)

Pangash Steak

Pangash W/R

Prawn Shell on (90/150)

Red Bream 7kg (Small)

Red Fish 2-300kg (Medium)

Red Fish 3-500kg (Large)

Red Fish 5-700 (X Large)

Red Fish Steaks 6Kg

Smkd Catfish Rings

Smoked Mboto

Snapper 2-300 (4Kg)

Snapper 3-500 (4kg)

Snapper 500 (4kg)


Beef Reed

Beef Snout Pommo(Cow Mouth)

Beef Tripe

Beef Reed

Chicken Drum Stick (10kg)

Chicken Drum Stick (15kg)

Chicken Gizzard

Chicken Leg Quarter (18kg)

Cow Foot Hock

Semi Spare Ribs

Frozen Trotters (Box)

Frozen Turkey Tails

Guinea Fowls

Guinea Fowls (Each)

Jolly Chicken

Mabumu (TRIPE)

Makosso (Pigs Feets - Frozen)

Misopo Tabba Goat Intestines)

Ngombey (Beef Brisket)

Ox Tail

Pigs Feet Barrel

Pluvera Chicken (13kg)

Pluvera Chicken (15kg)

Pluvera Legs

Pommo (Cow Feet)

Salt Beef (10 PCS)

Smkd Turkey Drumsticks

Smkd Turkey Tails

Sm kd Turkey Wings

Smoked Chicken

Smoked Ham

Smoked Hen

Smoked Spare Ribs

Tabba Poso (Goat Meat)

Trotters (30PCS)

Trotters White (10PCS)

Wilki (1600kg)

Chicken Chopped (Flatman) (10kg)



Biteku teku (Callaloo) (Each)

Biteku teku Callaloo (Sack)

Bitters Leaves (Each)

Bitters Leaves (Sack)


Fumbua (Each)

Fumbua (Sach)

Kimpuka (Fufu) 16kg (1Sack)

Kimpuka (Fufu) 16kg (1Sack)

Kwanga (congolese) (Each)

Matembele (Potatoe Leaves) (Each)

Matembele (Potatoe Leaves) (Sack)


Ngai Ngai (Sour-Sour)

Ngai Ngai (Sour-Sour)(Sack)

Ogu Leaves

Pondu (cassava Leaves) (Each)

Pondu (cassava Leaves) (Sack)


Semolina (Sack)